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Charles Cavendish was the nephew of Malcolm Quince, the ex-fiancé of Suzi Nakamura, the ex-boyfriend of Grace Ballard, and the deuteragonist of Murder Mystery. He was portrayed by Luke Evans.

Before the film

Charles used to go out with actress - Grace Ballard - who is actually his uncle’s long lost daughter but left her for ski instructor - Suzi Nakamura - and the two eventually became engaged. However, Suzi (despite her age) left Charles for his elderly uncle - Malcolm Quince.


As Malcolm’s nephew, Charles was invited to Quince and Nakamura’s nuptials celebration. On the plane to Málaga, Charles greeted American - Audrey Spitz. He bailed her out of economy class by being rich. The two talked about Suzi and Malcolm which made Audrey laugh, Charles invited Audrey and her husband - Nick - to Quince’s yacht. The couple rejected the invite when Nick said that he ‘felt like a schmock.’ They changed their minds later when they saw their tour bus was too crowded. Charles greeted Suzi like a family member but later called her a tramp while she called him a cad. When Nick and Audrey were almost kicked off the yacht by Colonel Ulenga and his bodyguard - Sergei, Charles bailed them out and called Sergei Soviet Chewbacca. When Malcolm told everyone that Suzi would be getting his entire fortune, Charles was furious at Malcolm for ‘humiliating them.’ After Malcolm was murdered, Nick ordered everyone to lock themselves in their cabins. Tobey was later found dead from likely suicide. Charles was suspected as the murderer by Nick, Audrey believed that he only said that because he was jealous. When Audrey stormed away from Nick after he lied, Charles helped Audrey out of Monte Carlo and took her to Lake Como in Italy. In Lake Como, Charles left Audrey in his limo saying that he needed to speak with his lawyer about Malcolm’s will. In the limo, Audrey found some Japanese Claritin and found out the Charles and Suzi were supposedly the killers. After Suzi was murdered, the Spitzes headed to Quince‘s villa to confront Charles but found him dead due to his drink, poisoned by Grace and Juan Carlos.