Juan Rivera Carlos wanted to avenge his father as Malcolm was the reason his father died. He is the murderer along with Grace Ballard<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section>

Second-Degree Killing Spree Edit

Before Quince and Nakamura’s marriage party on the Mediterranean Queen, Rivera asked Grace Ballard, who was secretly Quince’s long lost daughter who everyone thought was a dead son, to kill Malcolm so he would get revenge and she would inherit his fortune along with his son - Tobey. Ballard asked Tobey to kill Malcolm while she turned off the lights just off the coast of France so they’d get the inheritance whether the will was signed or not because of the French Inheritance Law. This all went to plan but Grace betrayed Tobey by murdering him so she could keep everything. To seem innocent, Juan Carlos pretended that he didn’t speak English. In Monte Carlo, he attempted to murder the Spitzes as Nick was a detective (even though he wasn’t) but killed Sergei instead. When everyone traveled to Lake Como, the Spitzes thought Suzi and Charles were the murderers and met up with Juan Carlos to chase Suzi. Believing that the Spitzes were the killers, Suzi threatened Nick and Audrey with a gun until Grace killed her with a blowgun. Nick and Rivera chased the killer while Audrey tried to get Suzi to say who the killer was. Juan Carlos kicked Nick, making him roll into a china shop and throw a plate at the killer. As they got away on a motorbike, Juan Carlos chased the killer. Rivera and Ballard meet at Quince's villa where they poisoned Charles' drink and left him to be discovered by Nick and Audrey. Juan Carlos is ruled out as the killer as he was with Nick and Audrey when Suzi was murdered, When Grace is discovered as the murderer, Rivera tries to attack her to not seem suspicious but Grace hits him with her gun. When Audrey thanks him for being brave, he forgets to pretend he doesn't understand and says 'De nada, señora.' This helps them find out he is Grace's accomplice after the Maharajah says that Grace was with him when Sergei was killed. He takes Inspector Delacroix hostage and drives away with him in a police car after revealing he spoke English his whole life. Nick and Audrey chase them in a Ferrari and eventually total the car. As Nick attempts to help Juan Carlos out, he punches him and tries to shoot him until a tour bus hits him, knocking him out. Viggy VERY GAY

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