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Malcolm Quince was the uncle of Charles Cavendish, fiancé of Suzi Nakamura, husband of Madeleine LeBoutillier, father of Tobey Quince and Grace Ballard, godfather of Juan Carlos Rivera, and billionaire. He was the first victim of Ballard's killing spree. He was portrayed by Terence Stamp.

Madeleine LeBoutillier

In 1994, while leaving a state dinner with Colonel Ulenga and Sergei Radjenko in Copenhagen, a bombing attempt occured. The Colonel protected Malcolm by throwing his body across him and being put into a coma. The Colonel lost his eye because of this, and his fiancée - Madeleine - married Malcolm. Madeleine and Malcolm had a daughter together named Grace, Madeleine died in childbirth and Malcolm, disappointed with not getting a son, gave Grace away and told everyone that Madeleine had had a miscarriage with a boy.


After stealing Charles' fiancée - Suzi - Malcolm invited his friends and family onto his yacht to celebrate his nuptials. After addressing everyone, he informed everyone that he had drafted a new will and they did not have a place in it and everything would go to Suzi. About to sign his new will, the lights turned off, a shot was fired, the lights came back on and Quince laid on the floor with his dagger through his chest. He was stabbed by Tobey so he could split the money with Grace who turned the lights off under the orders of Juan Carlos.