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Sergei Radjenko was the bodyguard of Colonel Ulenga and former Spetsnaz. He was portrayed by Olafur Darri Olafsson.

The 1994 Bombing

1994 in Copenhagen, Sergei, the Colonel, and Malcolm were at a state dinner. As they were about to leave, there was a bombing; the Colonel protected Quince by throwing his body across him. After nine months of the Colonel laying in a coma, he woke up to discover his eye and his fiancée were lost. His fiancée - Madeleine - had married Malcolm during the coma but died in the future giving birth to Grace. Grace was given away by Malcolm while he told everyone that Madeleine had a miscarriage with a boy. Grace changed her surname to Ballard. One day when the Colonel was drunk, he asked Sergei how to kill Malcolm. He gave the Colonel an answer which he deeply regretted, but he died.

In the film

  • Sergei travelled with the Colonel to Quince’s yacht for his marriage celebration. When him and the Colonel saw Nick and Audrey Spitz, who Charles invited, they did not know they were invited and started to remove them from the boat until Charles stopped them. For the whole trip Sergei never spoke, even under questioning by Inspector Delacroix. At the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Audrey tried to question Sergei but the Colonel said she wouldn’t get anything out of him. The Colonel revealed that Sergei was an heir to millions and that he was half-French. At the hotel, Sergei brought the Spitzes to room 802 where he finally spoke and told them the story of Madeleine. He told them how the Colonel was to blame for Malcolm’s death as he told him how to kill him. When there was a knock on the door, he told the two to get into the wardrobe and not to come out until he said it was safe. Nick and Audrey hear him say, ‘You, what do you want? No they’re not here, you should go.’ Three suppressed shots were fired and the two came out to see three bullet holes in Sergei as he said, ‘Killer... is...’ and collapsed and died. The Spitzes left out the window as the killer tried to force himself in. As they shimmied across the Colonel’s window, they saw him flossing his teeth meaning he was innocent and Sergei was wrong.