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Suzi Nakamura was a ski instructor, the fiancée of Malcolm Quince and ex-fiancée of Charles Cavendish. She was portrayed by Shiori Kutsuna.

Cavendish to Quince

Suzi was engaged to Charles Cavendish but left him for his elder uncle - Malcolm Quince. At a celebration of the upcoming wedding on Quince's yacht, Quince told everyone that a new will had been made and, to Suzi's delight, Suzi would get everything. This changed, however, when Malcolm, about to sign the will, was murdered with his own dagger. Tobey was later found dead too. In questioning with Interpol's Inspector Delacroix, she stated that Malcolm was 'the love of her life.' Like Audrey, Suzi is a Claritin user and doesn't like Allegra.


Following Sergei's death in Monte Carlo, Nick follows Suzi to Lake Como which is where Charles is going too. After Nick and Audrey find out that the killers are Cavendish and Nakamura, they, along with Juan Carlos, follow Suzi into an alleyway where Suzi disappears. Suzi comes out of the dark and tells them that they 'should have never come to Lake Como' and aims a gun at them until the actual murderer attempts to kill Nick and Audrey with a blowgun but gets Suzi instead. Suzi dies trying to tell Audrey who the killer is shortly thereafter.