Vikram Shivan Govindan is the Maharajah of Mumbai, India. He is portrayed by Adeel Akhtar.

Story Edit

Vikram was one of the people invited to Malcolm Quince‘s marriage celebration on the Mediterranean Queen. Quince said that no-one was going to get his inheritance but his fiancée - Suzi. After the lights went off as Malcolm was signing his will, Malcolm was revealed dead. Vik asked if he had signed it and was relieved when he hadn’t. Under questioning by Nick, he spilled that Juan Carlos might have wanted to kill Malcolm as Malcolm was to blame for Juan Carlos’s dad losing his legs because of his irresponsibility in a car race. After Nick and Audrey shimmied across the ledge of the hotel in Monte Carlo and into a room to escape the murderer, Vik and Grace came into the same room to have sex. Vik called it off after not knowing Grace enough and bought her a hat so she wouldn’t tell anyone. In Lake Como, everyone met up at Quince’s villa following Suzi and Charles’ deaths. When the idea of Quince’s dead son being an alive daughter came up, Grace asked where she was and Vik said that she could have changed her name. Nick and Audrey remembered that Grace had changed her name and found out that she was the killer and seduced Vik to get an alibi which really offended him. After Grace was proven to be guilty, she held Audrey hostage which led to Nick shooting her with the Colonel’s gun and her being taken away by paramedics. After Grace was taken away, Vik asked how Grace murdered Sergei as she was with him at the bar. This helped the Spitzes realise that Grace had an accomplice, the man that Vik had suspected at the start - Juan Carlos.

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