Tobey Quince was the son of Malcolm Quince and the secondary antagonist of Murder Mystery. He was portrayed by David Walliams.

Deal with Ballard and Death Edit

Tobey had always hated his father. On his father’s yacht for the weekend, he made a deal with Grace Ballard to kill his father and inherit his estate to share with each other. Grace left the room after Malcolm refused to leave anyone but his fiancée - Suzi - anything in his will. Tobey told him not to do it, he replied saying, ‘Or what?’ As Malcolm was about to sign the will, Grace turned the lights off and Tobey stabbed his father with the Quince Dagger for the lights to come back on with Malcolm lying on the floor with the dagger through his heart. Nick ordered everyone to lock themselves in their cabins for their own safety. Nick and Audrey talked about the murder in their bed, Nick said that it must have been Tobey as he had the strongest motive, even though Audrey didn’t believe him. The two heard a shot and gathered with everyone to see Tobey lying, head on his desk, dead with a gun in his hand. It was later revealed that Grace had killed him to keep Malcolm’s money.

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